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A few years ago, while teaching at Northern High School, I (Rebekah) recall one of my students, when asked about his algebra homework, saying, “Ms. Ghosh, why bother? Not like it’s going to get me anywhere after high school." Unfortunately, many of Baltimore City’s high school students share this bleak outlook of their future. Can we blame them? – Only about 55% of the city’s high school seniors graduated in 2004, and less than half of those seniors went on to college.

These are daunting statistics, and coupled with Baltimore’s distressing poverty levels make for a very challenging road ahead. But we have great hope in the potential of Baltimore’s youth. From our experiences, many of them recognize their lack of fundamental skills, their missed opportunities, and the failure of their schools, yet yearn to achieve, for example, seeking advice and guidance on any matter from They wish for more personal attention in their schools, better supportive academic environments, and a comprehensive educational program that will prepare them for relevant post-secondary opportunities. Just consider the fact that three of Baltimore’s technology and health science based high schools received 3-5 times the number of applications as slots available. Our students want to learn and achieve, and only ask for a viable opportunity!

Answering this call is the Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences’ (MATHS) Mission! MATHS’ will be a public charter high school in Baltimore City that is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and supportive college preparatory education for 6th-12th grade students of Baltimore City, with a focus on preparing them for future careers in biotechnology and health sciences. Our goal is to present a safe and flourishing educational environment for the students, equip them for post-secondary education and allow them access to practical career options.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 50% of the 30 fastest growing jobs are in the allied health sciences, while biotechnology is one of the fastest growing sectors with expanded opportunities due to research advances in disease such as AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, under-represented minorities have failed to take advantage of the immense growth and career potential provided by these disciplines with less than 10% of minorities occupying positions within these fields. MATHS aims to expose students early on to the opportunities offered by the biotechnology and health science fields through a specialized classroom curriculum, research and project-based learning, and internships/mentorships at local colleges and health centers.

Our Vision is that a MATHS education will enable our students to not only establish themselves academically and professionally, but also develop them into valuable contributors and leaders of their communities. This vision can be made a reality for all of Baltimore City, but it requires significant collaborative involvement and investment from all sectors – public, private, government and non-profit. We hope that the MATHS charter model will serve as a catalyst for sustainable initiatives that together will help to direct Baltimore’s youth to a brighter future. We invite you to join us!


Rebekah Ghosh                 
Principal & Co-founder