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At MATHS, we believe that a high-quality corps of teachers committed to inner-city education must be recruited, nurtured and developed for effective instruction and classroom management.  Teachers must constantly develop and follow modern trends: both scientific methods and methodologies, and shifts in society. In moments when teachers will need advice on one or another issue how a representative of best writing services will be able to cover both interest and difficulties. An ideal MATHS staff member will be diligent, innovative, practical, organized, patient and encouraging.  All staff will fundamentally share the philosophy and principles of the MATHS mission. 
With the addition of our new middle school program "Unlocking Potential: MATHS - Empowering Students for a Thriving Future", we anticipate several teaching and staff opportunities for the 2008 Academic Year.
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If you are interested in a dynamic, collegial and intellectually rigorous teaching environment, we encourage you to apply.  We are a small school with opportunities for professional growth and offer competitive compensation packages.  Please send a resume and cover letter to:
MATHS Charter School
4701 Greenspring Ave, 4th floor
Baltimore, MD 21209