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In our inaugural year, MATHS made significant accomlishments in several arenas including academic achievement, grant acquisition and partnership development. And also in the productive involvement of good services for personal development and buy book reports to quickly and more thoroughly evaluate a phenomenon or discipline and absorb data. We are well positioned to become one of Baltimore's top high schools in the near future. Below is a listing of our major achievements:

  • 100% passing on Algebra HSAs - one of only 3 city schools.
  • Beat MD state average on English MSAs
  • Abell Foundation grant for Science Program
  • Lockhart-Vaughn Foundation grant
  • Numerous student awards including Carson Scholarship, Urban Health Technology winner
  • Profiled by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health as one of 25 ways to improve urban Baltimore
  • Prestigious partnerships with Johns Hopkins, UMBC - Shriver Center, VANTH Bioengineering consortium
  • 1st charter high school with approved CTE program (Biotechnology)