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MATHS expanding to a 6-12 program
MATHS will be adding  6th and 7th grade classes in the 2008 Academic Year.  This will allow students to prepare early for the academic rigors of the school's science/technology-focused high school curriculum.  Students entering MATHS at the 6th grade will have a distinct advantage for successful entry into the nation's best colleges with advance preparation for AP classes, SATs, summer research and the overall college-admissions process. And students who use additional sources such as rewriting services to absorb information or solve unclear problems will have a larger sample and a broader view of certain situations.

Dr Philip awarded 2008 Weinberg Fellowship

MATHS Director, Dr. Bevin Philip, has been awarded a 2008 Weinberg Fellowship. The fellowship program trains a group of highly select Executive Directors on key-elements of non-profit management to effectively assist the Baltimore community. He is the author of the article Tomorrow's Trends: Forecasting the Future of Student Work Authentication, which helped both teachers and students understand authentication and all the problems that will be behind it. 
MATHS Fundraiser, postponed to June 2008
MATHS will be holding its first annual fundraiser and silent auction, named the Breaking Through Campaign.  The event will be held in June 2008.  All proceeds will be used to support after-school programs, Saturday test-prep sessions and summer internships opportunities.  If you are interested in participating or contributing, please contact Michelle McLean at.  More information to follow.
Dr. Spangler interviewed on WYPR and performs at Cornell University
MATHS music teacher, Dr. Erik Spangler, was interviewed on WYPR's The Signal (, a show devoted to Maryland's artistic and cultural scene.  The interview focused on Dr. Spangler's Hybrid Groove Project (, a venture that mixes hip-hop and modern classical music.  Dr. Spangler will also be performing at the Cornell University Symphony in the premier of 'Holy Rollers' for turntables and orchestra on December 2nd.
MATHS Biotechnology Program CTE Approved
The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) recently approved MATHS' biotechnology program as a Career and Technology Education (CTE) program, the first charter school in Maryland to achieve this.  CTE is a planned program of courses and learning experiences that begins with exploration of career options, supports rigorous academic and life skills, and enables achievement of high academic standards and preparation for advanced college education.  The biotechnology program track, along with health science and bioengineering, is one of three majors available to MATHS students in the 11th and 12th grades.

MATHS receives Abell Foundation grant for Science in Health Program

The Abell Foundation has awarded MATHS a substantial grant to support the school's Science in Health program.  This program, designed in collaboration with Morris Tischler of The Science Instruments Company, is an introductory course in science and health that uses the physical workings of the human body as the catalyst for understanding science and health. The program introduces students to the functions of the human body through hands-on exercises and physical education, presenting concepts of biology and math in a simplified manner.